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Looking for the ideal beachfront retreat for your family?  Join in the old fashioned kiwi tradition of families holidaying by the beach.  Your kids will be able to meet other kids and create wonderful childhood memories, while parents and grandparents relax and unwind.

We allocate a certain number of sites within the Resort's park-like landscaping for 'Weekenders' - those wanting to leave their caravans on-site for holiday purposes. 

Don't have your own caravan? Enquire about Vans for sale on-site!

Park Weekender Site

 Full-Year Park Weekender 

The annual fee grants the Site Holder and nominated family users (up to a maximum of 6 family members including site holder), the right to use the Resort facilities for normal holiday purposes for the duration of the term but not exceeding 100 nights. If or when the total number of nights the caravan is occupied by nominated users exceed 100, then the normal nightly tariffs in place at the time will be charged on a per person per night basis for the remainder of the term.

No part year terms are permitted. However caravans do sell on-site, please contact us for details.

* Family Members - definition. The 6 family members can be a combination of the following;

  • Site holder and partner
  • Parents of site holder and/or partner
  • Children of site holder and/or partner
  • Son in-law/ Daughter in-law of site holder
  • Grandchildren of site holder and/or partner

Nominated users cannot be changed during the term.

It is possible to have more than 6 people on your ‘user list’ at an extra cost. These people must come within the family members definition.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to enquire about available site options or for a full copy of our terms, annual agreement & conditions.